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Re: Accounts deleted?

Has anyome gotten any help once so ever cause so far nothing on my end honestly just want to quit and request my money back at this point. I mean i gotta go through all this for an update that doesnt even effect me anyways..... Ive tried contacting suport twice in the past and never gotten any help or a reply then so im just assuming the same thing is gonna happen again. And its pointless trying

Re: Accounts deleted?

Yeah my Android account isn't working on my iPhone. I'm 100% sure I used the right password and it wont let me reset it either...hoping i can still log with my kindle
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Re: Accounts deleted?

OTM should've allowed anyone to change their username . The feature is already there and probably much simpler than this "duplicate username but unique password combination" thing they chose.

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Re: Accounts deleted?

why i cant log in into my Accounts
if i put ID and Passwort it works but i can Not Chose a Server there is none server i can log in whit both Accounts i have in ios and Android same ID before the update it Worker but now it not working


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