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Re: Cross Platform Live Shortly! New World! New Chest!

Toothpick wrote:People are acting like these chests are gna be the death of them. Chill out. Do you guys realise how many events there were? There are probably thousands of random fashion items. Sunlit. Lanrik. Hunter. Ardmair. Frostguard. Spidersilk. Glenmor. Auroral. Highlander. Dark Rider. Charm set 1 (picts and jotuns and glads). necro charms. boggan charms. tree charms. soulless warrior charms. mage charms. More that i forgot at this point, but now take ALL that stuff, and remember theres red orange yellow pink green blue turq purple black white for every single fash set, and also an effect version for all fash color sets and charms. Your rare fash will still be rare and expensive asf, the chances of an entire new white lanrik set dropping is unbelievably low, it will happen eventually but its not going to ruin the prices of them in any way shape or form. These chests actually make chests interesting again, not for whats guaranteed, but for the possibilities. Dont freak out over a potential 1/100000000 chance one guy pulls an entire white lanrik or hunter set

Wow take the words from me!

Re: Cross Platform Live Shortly! New World! New Chest!

derp wrote:
offiues wrote:You messed up otm now all us old player who spent loads of time and money getting the old rare items and you just throw these chests in so any tom **** and Harry can get them. Try to think of the people who played from the beginning and helped you with your careers by playing this game and paid your wages

Messed up, or expanded their market. I personally believe they expanded their audience.

But messing up economy in a game which we play and for those who spent hundreds or even thousands, its a real big hit to them.
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Re: Cross Platform Live Shortly! New World! New Chest!

Dark Times wrote:Mkay, a guy on arawn managed to open less than 100 chests, he got a red spirit charm and sparkling necro charm, now tell me why i shouldnt worry about my black speck charm and other fash.

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Re: Cross Platform Live Shortly! New World! New Chest!

bdrules wrote:
WHITExLOTUS wrote:When reaper rings and huntsman rings appeared and legacy vendor came out I don't recall anyone getting mad about that.

Tell me how old fashion is gonna effect your dps like some of the old shop gear would

Never made that comparison this post can be deleted lmfao!

Hurr durr, why do you think people are mad? Rares like the sun ammy/reaper ring are rares because theyre good equipment, tell me how fashion effects your game play

Re: Cross Platform Live Shortly! New World! New Chest!

Really not sure what the chest fuss is about...

We've had what, 13 rounds of fashion? So, to get a full white/black set of legacy fashion you are expected to open about 13 as many chests as you would a normal event, if you received full white fashion during that event. Even if you traded pieces, that is a LOT of chests... I highly doubt the influx will significantly affect current prices.
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