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Re: Cross Platform Live Shortly! New World! New Chest!

Can we please leave the decision to the players whether or not they want these chests?
I know a lot of new players want them because they couldnt get white lanrik or white hunter before, but thats because OLD PLAYERS EARNED THEM. including these chests is just a huge middle finger to old players who saved all their fash when they could have made millions upon millions.
OTM has to start respecting old players more.
The number of purchased chests will break any records previously seen I can goddamn guarantee it, just because im not blind at the idea of cheaper fash.

Re: Cross Platform Live Shortly! New World! New Chest!

Kgrkid wrote:But messing up economy in a game which we play and for those who spent hundreds or even thousands, its a real big hit to them.

Didn't you just say game? If this is real life for you, which I wouldn't care either way, was it not your personal choice to give them money or did they force you. Like I said they know their books. The way it was wasn't working for them. Let's just use you for example. Do you currently by plat? Or do you buy your items with gold that you have overinflated the prices of items you sold. The door swings both ways. I see it as a positive thing to keep new players interested which benefits us all.
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Re: Cross Platform Live Shortly! New World! New Chest!

New chests are a big fat middle finger but I doubt OTM will care. They will make more from these chests from the many new players and older players that were too cheap to buy fash before now. Because of this they won't care what we say. It's sad but true.
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