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Gwydion and Clan MarathDamane

To all Android players: If you are looking for a strong mid-tier clan on a well populated, active and competitive server, come to Gwydion! MarathDamane is one of the oldest clan banners on Gwydion. We have recently re emerged and are growing better than ever! We are looking for a select group of like-minded players in a fun, calm, supportive, and drama free environment. Only dedicated, hard working and loyal individuals will be accepted. If you are a scammer, whiner, or otherwise mean, greedy, rude, or unhelpful, this is not the place for you. Quest items are distributed in a fair manner based on overall effort, contribution, attitude, and priority. Everyone is expected to participate based on their level and ability. We use the application Line for clan communication. If you are looking for a great clan and game experience with knowledgeable end-game leaders then inquire with anyone with our clan banner or pm me here. We look forward to meeting you!

Mir Elhallyan, ranger level 224
Bryn Hastur, rogue, level 202
Yehudit, warrior, level 162

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