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Re: Best rogues of all time?

For android, adrohan. For ios there are just so many to name...toothpick bloodbound ladynymeria mortalcreed to name just a few
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Re: Best rogues of all time?

highwindghost wrote:The ones ik are Mortal Creed and Executive

Exe doesn't have either edl weps, no dg, and barely any attack gear other than reaper :?
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Re: Best rogues of all time?

TheLordOfDiablos wrote:This is offensive to support rogues, where are our votes??

I vote for this guy and MortalCreed

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Re: Best rogues of all time?

Jumanji wrote:I vote h3ro , Robert, and addiction. Hands down like 6:30.

LOL! Best Rogue all the time haha, I would say Funniest Rogues all the time!

If I were to vote hmm
Dxter, MrScar and HYDROGEN
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