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My Experience on Sulis

Hey, thought I'd make my first forum post here to talk about my time on Sulis. Please read it to the end before commenting.
I'll to try to avoid naming to not break the forum rules, so here it goes.
I'm a pretty new player to the game, having started only 12 months ago, didn't really know much about the game or what I was doing at first. I started collecting fashion and playing the game slowly, not much commitment. I was a member of a small clan on Sulis until I was about level 190, everyone was really nice and friendly but the clan wasn't really going anywhere, we didn't really kill many bosses. I wanted to progress further, and I was lucky enough to be invited to one of the strongest clans of the server by the Chieftain, and some other recommendations.

So I joined, and everything was great. I think being a part of a strong clan really gave me the motivation to play the game more seriously, so I started leveling with a lot more commitment and camp for the clan that gave me the opportunity. I made many friends and everything was fine, until one member of the clan decided to claim I was a member of a rival clan (who my old clan is clearly paranoid about) because I refused to give him my rare 100% white Stallion. I was able to disprove all the things this guy claimed with screenshots to prove he was just saying it maliciously. I thought everything was fine after that and the guy that invited me, the chieftain of the clan, assured me that I wouldn't have anymore problems with people like that.

So months go by after this, I'd say I'm one of the most active campers in the clan. I'm able to get my EDL armor from the clan after much hard work and dedication, which I'm sure many other clannies can vouch for. The clan uses a DKP system, It's OK but there doesn't seem to be much opportunity for new clannies to ever be able to ever get any of the more desired items, which I wasn't too bothered about since I was joining into a winning clan which made my life a lot easier. After attending many raids I was even requesting raid gear from the clan, like a mord spear, necro rings for cunning and spear, etc. By this point I had many friends in the clan, and I believe even well respected among many due to my efforts camping bosses for the clan, even keeping timers during the quiet hours for us.

So everything was great until recently, when the clan's leadership was clearly purposely passing me for my Dragonlord weapons, which were more than earn't, and chose to gear inactive alts of members in the leadership, with one of the people who they chose to gear refusing them, asking them to be given to someone more deserving. A few weeks after this goes by and a leader in the clan removed me from boss call groups and logs for the reason of being inactive, which everyone on the server who bosses knows isn't true. They wouldn't add me back, but I was still in a clan. The clan starts losing more and more bosses to a rival clan on the server, and next thing I know I'm being kicked from the clan for the reason of being a member of one of their clan. Some leaders of the clan adamantly claimed this, ruining my reputation with fellow clannies. A friend in the clan told me he knows a leader in the clan lobbied for my removal. I could guess who, this person in particular talking to me strangely, even calling me "Girly girl" when he sees me. So after being kicked from the clan, and my name dragged through the dirt I atleast asked for the "proof" that they claimed to have that I'm not who I say I am. The leader of the clan, the same person who invited me 7-ish months earlier, the one who kicked me, tells me they have "proof" I'm not me, refuses to tell me the reasoning for the thinking of that, and even goes as far to tell me I'm lucky to have been allowed in the clan in the first place, despite him inviting me.

At this point, I'm clanless, my old clan disbanded and I'm on my own on a server with the rest of whom I've been competing against at most EDL bosses for the past 7 months. Some friends in the clan have been trying to advocate for my re-acceptance back into the clan. The main one is a ranger that's been in the clan for many years and even has been given Doch Gul pieces. I've spoke on the phone to this guy and he assures me he will do all he can to help me rejoin the friends I've made in the clan. With no where else to go, I accept his offer for help, even despite the humiliation the leadership have exposed me to, I feel I don't have much choice if I still want to enjoy the game. So he does talk to the leaders, and my inviter and kicker to the clan tells me that to refute the "evidence" they have against me I'd need to prove my gender by joining him on a face time call. Yes, you read that right, he told me that to disprove the apparent rock-solid evidence they have of my wrong doing, all I need to do is video call him.

The part that really gets me is that the guy is suspect is my accuser is a leader of the clan who put a toon in a rival clan, got it geared and trusted, leveled it to 220 then left and immediately started using his own gear on it, a unique void helm and Necral dagger, and no one seems to care that he's doing it and can get 2s the amount of DKP per every boss spawn, I assume he did it for proteus and gelebron gear, and for more doch gul since he already has it on his main and ranger. Everyone knows this clan 'leader' does this, but no one will say anything because they're too scared to say anything for fear of losing the DKP they're enslaved to, and the rest of the leadership knows and covers it up. I suspect that he lies about me to make himself feels better, in a case of "its OK for me to do it because they do it too", but to openly take advantage of your own clan when you've been entrusted to help run it is truly despicable.

I tried to explain how they can't really have any actual proof if all it would take for him to refute their evidence would be to video call him, and how they wouldn't be asking me to do this if I was a man, and that it's only because I'm a woman that he's expecting this of me. He also told me that despite all the hard work and effort I put into bossing for the clan, they are refusing to give me all of the open DKP requests that I had opened before being kicked. To be honest after this entire experience I will probably end up quitting a game I only a few weeks ago enjoyed so much.

If you were considering moving to Sulis after cross platform is released, please don't.

Re: My Experience on Sulis

The fact that some guy wants you to video chat to 'prove' your female is creepy and he sounds lonely. I wonder what their next request is going to be
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Re: My Experience on Sulis

Sounds like a pretty crappy situation unfortunately. Hard for me to fully understand as I don't play on your world but I hope you don't end up quitting and hopefully you can still enjoy the game
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Re: My Experience on Sulis

Come to Morrigan :D

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Re: My Experience on Sulis

I'm really sorry this has happened to you /: it's really sad that people in a video game have to act like that... and the part where he asked you to video call to prove your gender... Yikes

I just stay away from people that are very paranoid and act the way they did to you. Don't quit, just move to a different server :) Belenus has its arms wide open, always looking for new players because we are in fact a pretty small server :)
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Re: My Experience on Sulis

Every clan in every MMO has some kinda of drama with loot distribution. Especially so in CH where items are so rare and limited.
I think anyone who plays solely with getting loot in mind will end up in the thick of it. Disappointment is definitely a guarantee.
Though I'm not saying you're one of those people, I don't really know you but from what I've read, you've been unlucky enough to be surrounded with players of that mindset.
Especially those who go to "rival clans", whose sole secret objective is to gain trust, get equipped then leave. That is just truly despicable and I blame their parents for such poor upbringing.

I know it's not what you want to hear, but if you already know all these things going on in that clan, why do you still want to be a part of it?
I do understand that getting gear and killing bosses is the paramount thing to do in a game, but if I have to do it in a toxic environment like that, uhm no thanks.

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Re: My Experience on Sulis

damn that really sucks...

But my question is the same as Ail's, why are you still trying to be apart of this clan. Just flip them off and change servers or change clans on that server. any clan that is just going to use you and then create lies about you to shove you off isn't a clan worth being in. I was in a clan like that in 2015 (bada bing, now called unit) and quit the game because of it. Came back a year later and joined a new clan and it made all the difference. Don't judge the whole game off of one really badly run clan.
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Re: My Experience on Sulis

^ ^
To be honest, it's mainly because of the friends I made in the clan, and the fact I don't really know many other people on the server. No one will leave or dare to question anything that the leaders do because everyone is so scared that they won't give them their dkp requests, for example they had an over 5 week back log of DKP requests(for clansman) but a leader in the clan requests one and instantly gives it himself.

Clearly by the fact that I made this post I'm over being in that clan though, it's just not worth it. I hope other people start to see the clan for what it is.

Re: My Experience on Sulis

Zyz wrote:The fact that some guy wants you to video chat to 'prove' your female is creepy and he sounds lonely. I wonder what their next request is going to be

exactly what i was thinking lol

Re: My Experience on Sulis

Sounds like a terrible spot to be put in. I would advise not to video chat anyone unless you're ok with your video and screen captures being shared all over the place. I've had my profile pic memed and shared by some twit recently, no fun at all. What does it matter what kind of plumbing you have anyway? So juvenile.

Can you be happy to join a mid game clan and help them out? Or maybe starting your own? Perhaps in a year you'll be competing against these other end game clans with your own.

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