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[Rant] Stop asking me to verify my gender for **** sake.

Probably very long rant that most people won't read and I don't even know if this is better suited for off topic but figured since it's something that happens in game I'll post it here.

Every time I get to know people in this game and become friends and talk a lot including real life stuff, people ask for pictures of me joking that I could be an 'old man' and not who I say I am. I do not know if I talk to the wrong people but this seems to happen all the time, I've only been playing this game for a few months now and to be quite honest I don't give a **** whether you believe I am who I say I am ( 21 y/o woman) or someone else, just play the game. Few reasons people have said that I'm supposedly not a woman is because the way I speak, that I make jokes that aren't like what other woman would make, and I speak almost exactly like the people I spend time with real life so I don't know if the people saying this just need to get outside more and talk to people or only get their information on how people act from reality tv shows.
Honestly, just let me have fun and talk and joke around without asking for a selfie or pictures of me, because to be completely honest, I do not want to share that kind of thing with people I met on an online game on my phone, just let me play the game without pressuring me into talking in voice chats or showing pictures of myself :/ I know a lot of people aren't like this but it seems like most people are (and ONLY people with male toons have done this).
I've had people straight up ask me for a selfie just to prove I'm not a man, how does that have anything to do with it? I could be you're mom but you're worried about whether or not I'm a woman? I do not see how this should factor into anything on an online game, just let me play the game, let me lix, boss, joke around in clan chat without asking for pictures of me. When I give legitimate reasons to why I do not want to show pictures people just say I'm not showing myself because I'm not who I say I am. No? I'm not showing pictures of me because I like to keep my privacy and I DO NOT GIVE A **** who you think I am. JUST PLAY THE GAME AND HAVE FUN INSTEAD OF TRYING TO PRESSURE ME INTO 'PROVING' THAT IM A WOMAN.
About a month ago I created a male toon to see if this happened to everyone, it's over level 150 now and I've spoken extensively to people on it and when people asked if they could see a picture of me (happened twice altogether), I said no and they didn't ask again. It is so much more fun when your close friends in game do not ask or try verify your gender, I just want to play the game and have fun and for some reason, creating a male toon was the only thing that did that because people stopped asking for verification of my gender.

If you're one of the people that does this, just please don't, if someone says no to you asking for a picture or talkining in voice chat just accept that they don't want to, some of us are socially awkward or value our privacy and just want to have fun.

Summary if you didn't read it all (TL;DR) if someone says no to showing a photo of themselves to you (seems to only happen to woman, I'm not saying it doesn't happen to guys too, just from my expierence of playing both gender characters) just accept they said no and move on and play the game with them :) Have fun, joke around, do whatever but don't pressure people into doing stuff they don't want to like sharing photos of themselves over an online game :)

Thanks to everyone that read it all or none of it, honestly just sick of this happening to me so decided to get it off my chest, if it's not fit to be in general discussion just remove it or move to off topic please :)

Re: [Rant] Stop asking me to verify my gender for **** sake.

Throwaway wrote:Probably very long rant that most people won't read and I don't even know if this is better suited for off topic but figured since it's something that happens in game I'll post it here.

Hey you have a cool name!

So, are you a guy or a gal?
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