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Re: Auction House scamming

Legislative wrote:Warning to all servers.. check prices on lix bundles three times!!

we cought a scammer on epona

Shame, best that will come of this is the banning of that toon, and even then I doubt it because he's not TECHNICALLY scamming just overpricing. Nothing will actually be dealt with if he is banned tho, just a throw away account from the looks of it.

But still, everyone should check the prices to make sure it's truly what it is.
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Re: Auction House scamming

Learn to read? It's not a scam and he won't get banned for it. All he did was put his items for sale on the AH, and people are buying them.

Sure it's not right, but he's not breaking any rules.

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Re: Auction House scamming

TheLordOfDiablos wrote:This wouldn't be a problem if there were commas in this game....

Man I was telling in my clan chat exact same thing. There's wiseguys here that got bank off victims with the 111k heist. Its not a scam, its not griefing, its just they taking advantage of how we see numbers in a deceptive way (they bragging and admitted they caused it is griefing) . Having a 10000 starting bid and 111111 as buyout, basic visual perception gets skewed and most unsuspecting ppl gets hooked. If any this calls for adding commas more than ever
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Re: Auction House scamming

This is not scamming but overpricing. However taking advantage of people using visual tricks is unacceptable. In World Of Warcraft I remembered that the auction house and the economy was so bad on server due to certain players who are probably extremely rich purposely bought every every item and selling them at extremely high prices. Basically they cut off the supply in order to create high demand. This would be a bannable offense because that's ruining the free market economy or supply and demand for all players. If your reading this OTM, you better add commas to stop this visual trick.


Re: Auction House scamming

Legislative wrote:to me its scamming. its griefing too. oo so he admit it n bragged. shud be banned tho lol

If you believe it's scamming then I will respect that but many scammers probably far worse than this guy are running Scott free and don't get banned.


Re: Auction House scamming

If you check your 0's then you may as well check your 1's too.

Although he's technically overpricing, his intentions are clearly to trick others for the purpose of profiting. And it sure is working. To me that sounds like scamming. And if it's not, what is?
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