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Kinda annoying

Those quest dogs in other world will attack anyone under or around its lvl, lvling there can get annoying with them attacking u. There's also another quest guy by the lvl 100 trees, he respawns in a matter of seconds. u kill him then go to the next guy he's already back and u die bc u can't tank to mobs at once. Making them yellow where u can't aggro them would be awesome, also keep them so they still give u XP. I did take pics but won't let me upload on here says file to big...

Re: Kinda annoying

Muldar wrote:This guide should help with the screenshot issue: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=81034

What level are you currently?


They're talking about the eyes in the otherworld. The eyes are level 80-95 ish, but level 100 quest dogs spawn in that whole area. Makes it tough for level 80's to do what they need to do if the mobs are like that.

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Re: Kinda annoying

I agree. I recently made an alt mage and was stupid hard when theres a mob with a respawn of about 5 seconds who walks around the whole beginning of the swamps and agros you from far away. Same with the dogs throughout the eyes area.

Big +1 to changing them all to yellow so you cant agro them.

@muldar it affects us all the way from about level 80-105 depending on where you level. After there its not a problem but during that time it can be a major hassle.
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