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Thoughts on crafting and cooking

I think that crafting and cooking could work extremely well, if a few guidelines were followed

1. The dishes that are available to cook would give effects very similar to Elixirs, in both the length of the effect and the actual buffs

2. Dishes are not class or level specific

3. In crafting of weapons or armour, the items required to craft are semi easy to find/collect in game, and don't require loads of plat to get the crafting resources

4. NO TOKENS ARE NEEDED TO MAKE ARMOUR OR FOOD! I don't want to be walking around yelling "buying sirloin steak tokens"

Lemme know what you think!

(Muldar, any information would be lovely!)
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Re: Thoughts on crafting and cooking

FYI there is already food you can make that would boost a stat and either give HP or enegry regen from fishing in the game, but with the AH update they changed the time the food lasts from 15 minutes to 5 minutes. Given the cost to produce the fish food it is cheaper just to buy lixs on the AH then use the fishing food. I was actually excited that with the AH that perhaps it would make fishing food a viable commodity (and give fishing an actual purpose) but then OTM ruined that with the change. I guess what I am saying is don't get your hopes up.

Re: Thoughts on crafting and cooking

Is cooking actually being implemented? In my eyes, I can't see them doing it - we already cook food as it is. Crafting however, is a different story.

But here's the issue; skilling takes time, time that end players can't use because they're busy camping bosses all day long. OTM need to fix the current issues of the game before continuing to bring out new content. When I was Chief of Zanaris on Morrig I barely got anytime at all to myself to lix, let alone skill - and we weren't even end game.
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