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Re: Concept Art - Sneak Peek!

frumentarii wrote:"Celtic oven" not Celtic Forge, so swords made of bread it is then.

Ah the memories of drunken French bed based trolley jousting in 24hr supermarkets come flooding back.

Bread not bed
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Re: Concept Art - Sneak Peek!

Muldar......Come on, seriously?!? If you are trying to get people excited about the future of this game you need to find another tease. This is the equivalent of showing us a sink full of dirty dishes or a mop with pail. :lol:
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Re: Concept Art - Sneak Peek!

I'm okay with cooking and/or crafting in next update as long as there's also new bosses to kill with decent loot. :geek:
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Re: Concept Art - Sneak Peek!

Airrius wrote:They have obviously been working on crafting, its been hinted at a lot lately and even said directly.

My opinion, its great if done correctly. Look at the moble game izanagi first. In it crafting increases the power and stats of weapons and armor by degrees (+1,+2, etc). Each crafting has a chance of succcesding, doind nothing, failing and doing nothing and failing and shattering the item. The higher the crafted items crafted level (the +1, +2, +3, etc) the more chance it has to break. There are premium items that decrease the chance to break and ones that also guarantee crafting success. Crafting items are normal to rare drops from mobs/bosses and items gathered from the field (like hunters remains currently are).
Imo even stuff like dl or edl armor and weapons should be available to craft and increase their strength. If you break them you must complete the quest again. Idk the possability of making these quests reappear when the quest item is broke in terms of programming but if it can be done it would save more time than programming all new armors. The items used for crafting could also be the gems collected from metioric ph as well as the old rares for metioric weapons and the eldrich/runic mob drops from the tower (for higher levels of crafting). A second new item for crafting could also be easily created, scattered and then collected from the field by players. Basically crafting would cost whatever gems/drops are required, whatever number of field items, the base weapon to craft, and whatever crafting buffs you wish to use.

-1 to shattering items, +1 to rest

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