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Players using disability or autism to put pressure on players or OTM

This post is Due to the recent topic about an autistic kid getting scammed and that it was being used as a levy to put pressure on OTM to ban a player. if Your case is true and authentic I am sorry . I am an overprotective person and when my kid brother (7) got fooled Ingame I was very frustrated that otm wouldn't do anything despite my mentioning his young age and not speaking the English language. So yes I understand the feels.

BUT BECAUSE it seems it has become a trend on many servers I am posting here to notify that many players are using mental disability , handicap, terminal disease , autism and such to put pressure on players to trade back an item or to win arguments or simply get their own way in a situation.

For example I went into argument in arena with another player, we exchange harsh words then suddenly out of nowhere this person accuses me of having insulted his delayed children. And threatens to report to OTM. Ok...

Another fakes a terminal disease and tries to win sympathy to 'borrow' items from players for his last happy times on earth...

Firstly there is no way for me to know how many kids you got and in what mental state they are in. You are just as shameless as that scammer if u are FAKING handicap to get your point across.

Edited for this other point i wanted to bring to attention:
Another case Is we also have people who are trully leaving game because of some serious illness. And opportunists who use other people's disability/ illnesses as an excuse to make money. Such cases where a few people were selling Celtic heroes game items for REAL LIFE money through Line groups and such to 'collect money to donate for the sick person (who quit game ) . or that at least half the sales will go to the sick person. whether true or not it will remain unverifiable unless you got the persons personal contacts.

So if U want to push for this type of threat please provide otm with a disability certificate. No player is responsible for not guessing what's going on with your personal life.

Scamming is a real problem and everyone is an equal victim wether u are as sharp as knife or a total airhead.

That's it. I just wanted to get this point across. U may delete or remove this topic as some will find it offensive.
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Re: Players using disability or autism to put pressure on players or OTM

Personally I don't have to show a single thing proving my son's disability. Mentioning his disability in my previous post was just to show my son's case about not being able to understand that their are bad people in this game and that his disability may have contributed to his overlooking of the gold change. Bottom line was that this scammer has once again scammed, after openly admitted to doing so on forums and on other servers and yet nothing has been done to stop him.

Re: Players using disability or autism to put pressure on players or OTM

Otm has been combating scamming for years now. Since they can't really ban people for it (unless if the situation took an extreme turn) because of the "all trades are final" rule which is understandable, they still can give out warnings to try and scare the person to give back the items they scammed, and if they refuse to listen then otm can go in for the ban for a different reason. Otm needs to let the players know that they are there by giving out warnings to scammers or even logging one of their lvl 400 admins (I'm still friends with one on Belenus lol). I also believe that the number of scammers has reduced greatly because of the safeguards otm has put in place. I'm not sure if you guys were around in the early days of this game but scamming used to be a HUGE problem because there were no safeguards. Lastly, otm needs to create ingame warnings that you see when logging on or even make a notification tab in the menu
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Re: Players using disability or autism to put pressure on players or OTM

Look, i agree.
Although it's a tragic occurance... It's beyond OTM'S hands, and if they take action against someone because a handicapped person was exploited, what's to stop another post arising a day later where (for example) I ask otm to ban someone because "i was high". (thats what someone said when they wanted a refund on the dicing that they had done the day before because quote on quote their judgement was "impaired"). And even if there have been numerous complaints against a specific person, it should be your personal duty to ensure that the worst is prevented. Perhaps manually block all presumed scammers.
Also. Threatening to quit is silly considering otm had no part in the disaster. Scammers are in every game. An mmo isn't an mmo without a few snakes in the grass.

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