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Re: Game community management

Yep, a point i tried to explain numerous times. I eventually gave up. It seems that few people care about the hard work involved in dealing with an arguably ungrateful community.
And yeah, some of these complaints may be warranted however the main idea is delivery of the feedback. Talking sh*t doesn't help anyone which is why i expressed with such depth how i wished for community members to treat OTM and namely, Muldar like actual people by delivering constructive feedback instead of bringing out the pitchforks. And yeah, Muldar has stated that comments from users don't get to him but i don't care. Cause they get to me. Even if they aren't targeted towards me.

Re: Game community management

Yeh, a lot of people are very critical of OTM at times, I also find things are constantly repeated and otm has a lot on their plate. Maybe if they supplied a list of things they are trying to get to and maybe in priority order so we don't keep repeating the same stuff and can add more constructive ideas that haven't been mention yet. So people at least know their ideas are listened too/ are being worked on.
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