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Gambling without competition

So my friend and I (TheRealP1mp and I'm Gamblir. Yes we're from Lir) like to host gambles, but the problem is that when we host at the same time, it's competitive since people will either go for one or the other. Generally only one of us gets a good quantity of gambles at a time meaning only one of us is moving money.

There must be a way to have to people host gambles at the same time and have it a good thing. Is there? Does anybody have a solution besides choose different times? I'd say have one do gambles with low numbers and another with high but that's really inefficient.

Best answer would be something to do with teamwork.

Thank you :)
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Re: Gambling without competition

Not sure. On my server we frown upon gamblers and dicers. Most are just low level scammers trying to jump ahead at the expense of gullible noobs. Dice/gamble at your own risk.
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Re: Gambling without competition

I never really understood the appeal of gambling in CH. If I wanted to gamble, I'd probably download a gambling app instead of an MMORPG, poker or blackjack perhaps.

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Re: Gambling without competition

Nothing should be done about this. This game is the truest form of the free market. The people will go wherever they want to go, rather it be better pay outs trust (it's almost always about trust) the people decide what they want. Dicing is extremely fun ingame and a great way to cool off from bossing, farming merching etc. I just hope people are careful, I host a lot and have paid out every pot I have lost. Not many are as honest. To some people their word and their reputation means nothing to them.

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