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Re: Does otm not ban shared accounts

Flamegod wrote:
FrostKnight wrote:I'd say they don't do it enough since clan Retribution on Sulis are the kings of shared accounts sadly, there's evidence towards it yet they still are allowed to hop on their friends accounts for whatever class they need at all times. Again, I can bet that at least a hundred people can say they share accounts. Oh and the whole changing the subject every time to "no you guys share accounts". I mean its truly amazing when one of them suddenly becomes American overnight even though they were British the day before.

OTM cleanse Sulis please.

Yes and I know a few members of Retribution will be looking at this topic already to feel sneaky and thinking "lol I do that allllllllllllllll the time".

Nuff said.

This makes me wonder how your chief is on 20+ hours a day (usually quad logging)

This makes me wonder how you know our chief still is Bungle. The last time you got to see who the chief of Jah is was when? A few months ago? I am pretty sure that Beaver (usually solo logged) is our new chief. And 20+ hours? Usually quad logged? If only I had as much time as you do to follow him around and keep track of how long he plays..

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