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Bear Pets

Has anyone collected enough drops for the Aged or Tarnished Bear Pet quest? If so, would you care to post a picture? I would be most interested to see what they look like & the stats.

Additionally, if you wouldn't mind, please post your ability level for Bear Taming and the subsequent skill impact. I've got the tiny bear (Crumbling version) and, at skill level 1/0, it seems like 10 ability points is roughly = 1 Fishing Power point - I'm curious if, at skill level 2/0 or 3/0, the curve of Ability Points : Fishing Power Points is any steeper than that.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Bear Pets

You get to keep each bear you get, so if fishing lower level area you can use the level one or two bear instead of spending the gold on the level three. I recieved the quest for the level four bear already as well, archiac relics, in murk vaults, dun sewers, and OT.
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Re: Bear Pets

Mr. Babeline wrote:fishing is a good way to earn gold or is it just leisure?

Really good for lower levels, but not higher levels.
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Re: Bear Pets

Mr. Babeline wrote:fishing is a good way to earn gold or is it just leisure?

I can't speak for level 200ish characters, but I can compete with any top gold earner around my level of 130. It is leisure and gold earning, not at first but I don't use potions, just make soup for regen of concentration, at 100 gold per 15 minutes and 400 per hour bear pet food. So I spend 800 per hour of fishing but can make that back x2 with one cast of 3 seconds. This is not including drops I can sell to characters for gold either, take that into account, rings and relics, tokens. Yeah I can destroy any gold farmer/earner my level and probably up. This is with fish power of 272. Hopefully I get a few majestic angler rings to break 300 power.

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