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Re: Server Downtime - 2PM GMT (08/12) - Server Maintenance

Usually depending on network speed, it will refresh when worlds are up if you're on the world selection screen. Slower networks sometimes you need to go back to home page and then enter again for them to show up.

When logging in with my 2 devices, sometimes the world will pop up faster on my phone running LTE as opposed to my iPad on Wi-Fi.

I'd just keep going back to homepage every so often and re-entering.

Re: Server Downtime - 2PM GMT (08/12) - Server Maintenance

Lonepiper wrote:Here's a suggestion, why not tell us that server maintenance will take 15+ hours, then, when you know servers are ready, announce that due to hard work by yourselves, you have cut it down to (x) hours( hoping it's less then 15 hours):) everybody wins! :lol:

Back when I was application/network manager for a firm in NY, I'd schedule outage and add an hour or two based on complexity of job.
But if there were other application dependencies who need to time their processes, even when the job is done, I'd wait until the announced up time.

OTM should've said downtime is 4 hours and then even if the job only took 2 hours, they'd wait 2 more hours before bringing servers back up. Only because people want exact times and not waste time "camping" the login screen.

Even when the game is down, people are forced to camp. lol.

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Re: Server Downtime - 2PM GMT (08/12) - Server Maintenance

Bitey wrote:
Hison wrote:Question: so I am currently on the "World List" just being afk at work.. as soon as servers being done worked on with.. will the servers just be playable or will I have to exit to log in menu and do the logging again?

You can leave the server list up and when your world becomes active you can log in.

Okay thanks Goodie! Just don't wana miss the bosses since Epona is class roll..

Re: Server Downtime - 2PM GMT (08/12) - Server Maintenance

Helium Dude wrote:However, it has been a few times already where you guys have gone far beyond the time you claimed it would take to get the servers back up (1hour and 32 minutes exactly). All this time I have been sitting alone just waiting for something to happen, and once again you guys need more time.

This is the saddest thing I have seen all day. Im sorry Helium Dude

Re: Server Downtime - 2PM GMT (08/12) - Server Maintenance

Alishia wrote:Aileron has the perfect solution! Muldar please chat with the powers that be to see if that could be implemented in the future.

2 hours was the initial time + leeway unfortunately.

Needless to say we are in contact with the hosts currently.
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Re: Server Downtime - 2PM GMT (08/12) - Server Maintenance

But it always takes longer than the prediction, even if you pad the time by doubling it. Likely this will just make it take even longer.

Also - tell this "leeway" he needs to get on his A game and get this puppy barking again if he wants to keep his job
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Re: Patch Notes – Lancers of Lir Update

Muldar wrote:
Louaiiiyy wrote:I see no respect for players and this is not the first time, your timers are always too early or too late, there's no in between.. when u say servers will be down for roughly two hours I expect to be back in game in 2 hours or maybe in 2 hours 10 minutes max, now it's been 3 hours 22 minutes and all players been waiting for more than an hour and still no idea How long it's gonna take to be back in game, due to different time zones some had to set alarms to wake up others had to take a break to log and help their clans.. This is unacceptable.. Please respect our time and stop wasting it .. Thanks

As mentioned in the original post this server reset is not being handled by ourselves but by our hosts in the US, this delay has no influence by ourselves.

The initial work was for firmware and driver updates but has unexpectedly ran into unforeseen issues causing these extra delays.

Our hosts are looking into these issues and have assured us they will resolve the problem asap.

Rest assured when we have further information we will let the community know.

Is it allright if we blame trump for the delay then?

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