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Re: Tides of Fate - Android Update

Still no updated client in uk yet won't be able to log when servers come back up. Is the client update available on Google yet? And if not when?
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Re: Tides of Fate - Android Update

Dexxa wrote:We are sorry for the long wait, there are a few issues that we need to fix before putting the update live.

We will let you know when everything is sorted.

Lol, you made me reinstall the game... I thought there was something wrong with my device xD. Hope update is ready today...

Re: Tides of Fate - Android Update

Hey everyone.

That is the Android servers back up!

The new update is with Google and should be getting updated on the Play Store anytime, please be aware that it may take longer in certain places.

Please be patient as it is now with Google and they will update it as soon as they can.
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