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Re: Taranis recruiting

Rogue4Life wrote:
Armo wrote:Or people could join any other server since every server needs more active players.

They can but We will support them if they join taranis, little things like selling them heroic Ammys and mounts or lixs help a lot

Selling them heroic ammies? For what? The 10g they have?

I agree with Armo, its quite selfish to see posts like inviting players to Arawn, Taranis and so on, when Belenus, Crom and prob few more are in much more dire need of end-game players.
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Re: Taranis recruiting

Boyd wrote:There is nothing stopping those servers doing the same and quite frankly it's sad that they don't care for their server enough to do it like we are

Do u really think we do nothing? Feel free to ask Muldar. Quite pathetic if u think that is the solution.
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Re: Taranis recruiting

By ur reaction u have not done this and it's affecting u, for this we apologise. The intention is only to revive our server if u have an issue bring it up to fourms staff. Intentional post flaming only shows weakness and assists in keeping our post active so for this we thank you for assisting our thread. Hope to see many more come to taranis.

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