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Taranis assistance

Want to play on taranis? Well today's the day to join peon the seeder for aeon.

U will be assisted with advice, xp grps quest items and more with a community based clan that cares.

Aeon will select people 150+ that show potential during assisted training to be apart of our special family.
Greenhealer - lvl128 - Druid - Taranis - Aeon
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Bam - 89 - Mage - Taranis - Peon

Peon seeder of Aeon - Recruitment Thread - Taranis
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Re: Taranis assistance

spacemod wrote:How good is the economy?

Economy is decent all items obtainable if ure willing to pay sks 3k, combos 9-10k, chests 30k-35k ea!!! So it's easy to get started here

Also the feeder is rank 1 clan on server and kills all bosses, and Taranis also has the most 200+ players then all servers( not all active), so we have healthy competition at all bosses, accept all play styles , lock battles or raid rotations we have it all

One thing which may put people off is that it's near impossible to buy raid gear and dl/edl drops, but they are easily obtainable in our 4 eg clans


Re: Taranis assistance

Thats quite tough. On Belenus we have sks for 4k, combos for 8k, chests for 20k-25k, all other elixirs for 1k or below (haste is 2k). But good luck with that, Elementals of Belenus will also be happy to see u coming to Belenus, we have feeder that is directly connected to Elementals (named Sylph) and feeder without lvl req that is connected to Sylph (named ZombieArmy). We have a player that lvled all the way from ZombieArmy to Elementals.
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Re: Taranis assistance

Everything wrote:Combos 9-10k.. Chests 30-35!? THAT'S HORRIBLE :cry:

What has the world come to

Combo prices are horrible at the end of events but with update coming with new chests prices should drop again , but chests aren't it allows new people to easily come over and get 3.5mill if they're plat buyers, and this is at the start of the event towards the end they drop to 20k ea, not the best prices , and if ure looking for a server with cheap prices gl they change all the time, 1min sks may be 2k ea the next 5k , I personally think other factors are more important


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