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Top 10 rarest items in Celtic heroes

This topic is just for fun, but what do you all think are the rarest items in the game, this includes fashion sets, armor, mounts and lux.

This is my top 10 list:

- DarkFlame set
- Exp Boost Charm
- Ability Boost Charm
- Sparkling White Lanrik Set
- Broom of Doom
- Guild Masters Set (white smuggler)
- Mythic Serpentstaff (100/50)
- Mythic Fellspine (100/50)
- Sparkling Black Lanrik Set
- Legendary Serpentstaff (95/40)

*EDIT* Yes we all know how hard it is to get void/godly items so please try not to post about them or add them in your top 10 list.
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Re: Top 10 rarest items in Celtic heroes

1. XP Boost Charm
2. 100% Winterwing
3. 100% Nightwing
4. 100% Arctic Wings
5. Sparkling White Lanrik Set
6. Sparkling Black Lanrik Set
7. White Coven
8. +15 Natures Touch Gelebron Ring :)
9. Torch of Belenus
10. Silver Camoflauge charm

I have no clue.. Just guessing lol :lol:
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