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Discouraging Servers

Hello, first of all I understand the whole thing between noobs and endgame players, what I don't understand is why, when someone asks an endgame player especially politely, a simple question on stats, maybe prices on items, or gear, why most if not all, still choose to ignore..(take into consideration, that I do only ask when I know they are not busy, usually just randomly chatting in castle...I don't go asking all of this during lixs or bossing, I'm a very respectful player, but gets frustrating when you see all these nice posts about join our server, very friendly people here, and it's the opposite of what was said. I agree there are a lot of annoying people, who bug you and what not, but don't promote the server and when new people join asking for helpful information, ignore or shun them, it's basically being hypocritical to yourselfs. It's already god awful enough to even get gear as a low level but most of you all make it so discouraging that no one ever wants to make it past meteor armor let alone warden.

Re: Discouraging Servers

As for me I have ADD so I talk to someone and get another whisper and forget I got that whisper until they whisper me again annoyed or so and Im like oh shoot, sorry.

Otherwise, if I see its not going to end up begging or doing actual work to help them like a oog lix....I usually always help them


That or at one point you did something to get yourself blocked or they are in an intense argument or deal with a person and need full concentration and like a second to waste might make the person do something rash or...they're just meanies.
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Re: Discouraging Servers

Why are you ignoring me?!?!
I get those comments a lot too. I'm usually afk camping so I won't see whispers but I'll see boss spawns and trades. Other times I'm doing bounties or killing bosses and for those things I'm playing 2-4 devices and might miss whispers.

Don't take it personally :D . If they don't answer you and it's important send in game mail.

Re: Discouraging Servers

The problem is not what noobs ask or even how they ask it: it's how much they ask....

Barely any end game players "ignore" noobs, and a lot of them actually give them free gold...especially on morrigan.

If you ask a rich man, "how did you make money", and he replies "I sjifksbj"... And you continue to ask the same type of questions, he will obviously ignore you.

So in complete response to your question; why do end game players ignore noobs.... They don't.
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Re: Discouraging Servers

I mean clearly they do, I didn't just make this post for no reason, and if you read my post I never stated I ask the same questions over and over to the same person, I only stated that I! if I do happen to need a question answered it would only be about, stats, fash, lixs,...and it's hard to believe that most end game players give away gold when they always complain about those who beg and ask them to give away gold....maybe to other clannies, but in my post I was pretty much on point with what I was saying and it seems people tend to take it off topic because I stated what and why and reasons on what I was speaking about, but I keep getting responses that I've already specified when making this post so in no way does it help.

Why would I make a post about endgame players ignoring someone? If it didn't happen. And in no way am I trying to be rude but seriously, where did u see I continue to ask the same question for them to say your I Jksjssj? And if someone doesn't respond I give it some time and make sure they are not busy or even a clanny of theirs tells me they have some info, I ask, wait (no response) watch them and their clanny sit in castle and talk to each other about puff corns being soggy or whatever, and if they don't answer I never talk to them again, So no I don't keep asking, and how do I know their rich if I'm new? I don't beg for gold I stated I had 4-5 mill in gear and fash and was asking questions (so being and endgame player u could see it as I have some knowledge and maybe u could help more l) so responding about a rich man helps none when obviously I have money myself, I'm just looking for some guidance.

I honestly don't see what so hard about people taking their head out their ass and act like they never was a noob especially when talking to someone clearly trying to get to where they are. When your specifically asking and showing them what your trying to do

Re: Discouraging Servers

if you're ever on gwydion feel free to pm or mail me if you need some information, ill try and help to the best of my ability unless im super busy, when i do have time im happy to help.

regarding the topic if im demanded to answer something, begged for gold, or irritated with general irritating behaviour i tend to block people straight away, not because im an @$$hole(although i am one in some cases) but because i dont play the game to getting annoyed, I usually determine if im going to block from the first 2 messages.

its not an endgame players sworn duty to help players so really you shouldnt expect them to or to be nice or expect anything other than them ignoring you, then you'll be surprised when you find someone that doesnt. personally i both ignore certain people and go to the ends of the earth for others so it all depends on our first confrontation and the type of person you are, not everybody thinks the same or acts the same as you so you cant go round expecting from people as you would do in their position

you also shouldnt judge an entire server on a certain few peoples actions, there is both helpful and ignorant players on every server.
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Re: Discouraging Servers

I can name several players, including myself, that give away gold.

When you have 4mil+ and no need in the world to spend it on anything, 10k giveaways is hardly a dent.

I'm sorry but you're wrong. End game players DO help noobs when in castle. Unfortunately there is a minority that feels superior to noobs but again, that's a minority.
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There are 10 types of people in this world: those who understand binary and those who don't.

Re: Discouraging Servers

I get asked 'what is this worth ' a lot. I tell them I have no idea as I suck at pricing and things like mounts fash etc I sell underpriced to clannies and friends.

What I do ignore is random spam trades, friend, or group requests if you have not even said hi to me. Enough in a row and I will block.
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Re: Discouraging Servers

Sometimes afk, sometimes u phrase it badly. Usually I answer, just 10 mins ago Ive been asked for tank stats. I only dislike trades then 'tell me how much is this' and ppl who keep wanting my fashion (and Im wearing a god damn suit, go buy one from the shop for 10k).
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