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70 hours without a snorri.

It's just rediculous, we complained once, you reduced the Windows, we complained some more, you made sreng drop crowns. I'm sorry but it's just stupid now, you can't escape it anymore, it's time to up his spawn rate. 3 days is too long to wait between snorris, and with most servers having 2-3 clans competing for him, getting gear is going to take years. He's not even the highest weapon/armour teir boss anymore since the introduction of EDL so just sort it out, because people are getting irritated.

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Re: 70 hours without a snorri.

If you are getting placeholders you still have a chance to get crowns:

Snorri Drop Changes:
We've implemented the Snorri drop changes!
4* and 5* Place holders now have a chance to drop Ritual Crowns
Sreng 6* Now also has the chance to drop crowns

From the announcement on the previous Snorri changes.
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Re: 70 hours without a snorri.

It's honestly fine, it only sucks for impatient people sadly because you can't complete the quest in one day.

This happens on my world sometimes, but we also get a lot of snorris in a row at other times, couple that with the few crowns you get from 4-5* bosses you gather a fair amount. Definitely nothing to complain about anymore
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Re: 70 hours without a snorri.

It is not fine, it took me over 4 months just for dl rondel.
Sure I could have kept other crowns to sell/trade but luckily for some I preferred to give them to people who needed.
Months of camping all day is far too long to complete a quest, nobody is asking for it to be completed in one day.
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Re: 70 hours without a snorri.

4 months is not so bad...took me longer just to get dl bow so i think you should stop complaining...gor rogues on arawn dl weaps is even worse

Like demon said, some days you get no snorri spawns. Other days you get a few.
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