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Re: Old event bosses

Gara spawned on Fingal twice after the event ended. Both times it was during the event that was right after beltane 2014. Never spawned again after that. We r a small server and all the ppl who can kill him know each other so if it spawned we would know.
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Re: Old event bosses

Ok makes sense. I know that he spawned on taranis at least twice and I killed comrak myself once. But it was long ago so that may now be true.
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Re: Old event bosses

Garanak spawned during the Halloween special event where older bosses had a high spawn rate and were seen frequently. Those bosses no longer spawned once the event ended.

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Re: Old event bosses

TheLordOfDiablos wrote:Since when has gara been a rare spawn? Never heard of it spawning in epona, and I'm sure people would have made a big deal out of it if it had..... never seen icelord or winterking, either.

Personally I can't vouch for garanak, I only saw pics. But as for the winter king...
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Re: Old event bosses

I think a monthly spawn of all old Bosses would be great. Enough to be interesting but not enough to affect prices. 12 possibles Garanak drops a year won't kill anyone. Would be mostly rings anyway.

Oh and it has to be very randomised spawn schedule. Maybe changing each update to keep people guessing.
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