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Re: Not a bad charm

We kill it up to 5 times a day. 2 godly so far.

Very awful drop rates, its a major step back. And we thought it couldnt get worse, OTM proved once again this is a game of disappointments.

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Re: Not a bad charm

Besides the fact I commented after Aileron, assuming from his comment that they have enough Imp/Godly charms to state that as a valid point to not use this event's charm and Ive seen Mamba commenting before regarding the luck on Imp/Godly emberdrake charms, as well as Im active on Mage forums and often seen the caster drops being dropped (which is odd, I think the only godly non-caster we had was sneaky, but we have Ice Shards + Nature's Touch, and rivals have Fire Bolt), I didnt mean to actually say it as a stated fact that theres tons of them, but, considering theres royal, imperial and godly alone on 210 events Ive seen them dropping more often, on all events. For example, we rarely ever killed Obelisk of last yule, but when stating the amount of godly items, several worlds have shown a large list of them, while still low, they're not as rare, the difference between rare and low drop rate is that due Event spawning more often and being killed more often, relatively, the drop rates might still be low (thus even if u increase raid bosses' spawn rate it doesnt change the fact their loot table is horrible as well as drop rates), but they wont be as rare. White fashion is rarest fashion, but ppl buy so many chests u see it quite often, and back when pirate fashion was new u would see many ppl with it too.
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Re: Not a bad charm

Morrigan did the statistical analysis also im not 'just generalising from Gwydion' i play in 2 worlds and have friends in more and most worlds failed to procure even a single godly fb and ice shards charm.

Posts like that make OTM think there is nothing wrong with the drop rate.
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Re: Not a bad charm

I think we can generally agree that since events started happening every other month the quality of said events has been comparable to a nun's sex life.
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Re: Not a bad charm

Asterix_the_gaul wrote:I think we can generally agree that since events started happening every other month the quality of said events has been comparable to a nun's sex life.

Bad Analogy.

At least nuns can have satisfying sexual thoughts, the drop rate of these godly event items is so minuscule i couldn't even comprehend imagining I owned one :(
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Re: Not a bad charm

Im also starting to feel OTM gives different drop rates on purpose. On Lugh we see after killing this boss many many times, that it favours dropping royal armour rings, then royal sharp shot charms, then royal assass charms. We all know the armour ring is just worthy of being dropped, the sharp shot and assass charm is maybe only good for hotbar swapping. Items that are very useful, like the mage/druid necks and charms drop not that often, and if they do, its 9/10 times a royal, but everyone wants the godly of course.

Then we also have the massive amount of HP this thing has, does OTM increase it every event? And whats up with this energy drain skill, it makes it once again a boss thats hard to kill without using plat.
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