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I keep seeing many iOS games get popular by advertising the s**t out of them. I have never seen a Celtic heroes ad in my life. OTM should pay Google Adsense and they will target people who watch mobile games on YouTube and advertise the game to them. The game has huge potential to grow and become more profitable but nobody knows about the game. Everyone has only been introduced by a friend or happened to skim across it on the App Store...
Does OTM have a publicist? I want to see it go somewhere so people know about it.

Just look at clash of clans. It grew huge because it was advertised across Facebook and YouTube like nuts and they are boring compared to the social aspect of CH. if you advertised like crazy everywhere for just one week I bet you would see a huge influx of mobile gamers.

It would be an important investment for the future of the game. More players is more revenue which means more expanding and more content.

Could a dev comment on this? I would like to know what the teams thoughts are about this?
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Re: Advertisement

Maybe they're afraid to advertise because they're not pleased with their work yet?

It's a great game, and Heroes Landing now showcases graphics getting closer to other mobile MMO's. But then you go from Heroes Landing to Lirs and are like...Woah..What happened to all the awesome textures I just saw? I've had at least five friends refuse to play this game because the graphics "suck". Even when I ask them now saying "Hey, they improved alot since 2013!" They look at it and go "Lol nope.".

OTM has been working their butts off to retexture and redesign old areas, and add new ones. They've been doing an AMAZING job with it (Love HL and SV, LOVE them) and I can't wait to see where next they improve.

But yea, just my opinion. Don't want to waste money advertising when someone doesn't stick around very long y'know?

But yea, huge +1 that at some point OTM needs to start advertising!
Would you kindly?


Re: Advertisement

Ch barely has enough to function let alone advertise. If the company could scrape u the money to do a reverse merge with a shell company they can raise money. They need proper investor relations to communicate with new investors and allow them to allocate capital properly (advertising etc). The company would prob be a pink sheets company so won't have to spend much keeping up with all the filings. It be 100k prob but with efficient investor relations they can raise capital for that and much more but they would have to put a lot of effort in it
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Re: Advertisement

Without instance dungeons and armour quests that can take months or more to complete this game is full of bottle necks. I wonder how it would handle an huge influx of players up to endgame Also OTM are not that agile in adjusting issues in game.

Right now I think CH could handle a large number players at the lower levels. Even Frozen Bosses don't seem overloaded. But the higher DL Bosses are at capacity now. crowns are still very hard to get (especially with our stupid colour system).

What do people do when DL and EDL have double the players competing? Will older players give up? Will the new players continue if they see no chance to get End game? Not to mention Dol Gul armour etc.

If OTM had a real plan to handle load on the game a big player increase would be great. That would mean more Development resources for the game surely and faster content.

WITHOUT a plan it's something that could backfire. Organic growth is what they have gone with so far and it is working (slowly) but it's true that is not the only way.
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Re: Advertisement

I believe the reason why there is no advertisement is because with only about 25 people.. And big flow of people would slow them down because that means slower support replays. But also more people is more money spend which means more people to join OTM clan.

Re: Advertisement

Interesting thoughts in this thread :lol:

Simply put advertisements cost money and large large amounts of it.

One of the reasons Clash of Clans got so popular is because most of their budget was spent on advertisement. (and the fact Supercell is a division of Softbank who had huge revenue going in.)

Marketing and Advertising is something we are looking into though and hope to do more of in the future, we are not as some have put it "barely has enough to function" Celtic Heroes will still be here for a long time :)
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Re: Advertisement

Muldar wrote:Simply put advertisements cost money and large large amounts of it.

I was just going to say this. Most don't truly understand the cost of advertising, especially during prime time hours.

Most local businesses like car or furniture business advertise from 2am-4am. That's the cheapest and what they can afford.
Where do sites like Facebook and Google get a huge chuck of their revenue? Yep - advertising, and they earn billions, because it doesn't cost $5.

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