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5th Anniversary Celebrations! - Starting with Double Plat!

Hey Heroes!

We are celebrating our 5 year anniversary! 5 Years ago on June 15th we took our first steps in to Farcrag Castle and looked over the lands of Dal Riata.

As part of our on-going 5th anniversary celebration for Celtic Heroes we are throwing a 4 week festival of events, sales and giveaways to say thanks to all brave heroes of these lands!

We will be revealing the next event each week so keep checking back!

We are kicking it off big this weekend with:

Double Platinum!
From the 20th to 23rd of May visit the Item Shop in-game to purchase Double Platinum for the standard price!


Boss Spawn Weekend!
Running from the 27th to 30th of May


Event Three
Running from the 3rd to 6th of June


Event Four
Running from the 10th to 13th of June


Keep an eye out for further announcements on the forums, Social Media and in-game!
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Re: 5th Anniversary Celebrations! - Starting with Double Pla

Solumbum wrote:Can you at least confirm that there isn't going to be a better sale than double plat? Because that would be a cruel joke lol.

Yeah I would hate OTM forever if they did that lol. If they do it will be the last event.
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