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A reset a day keeps the boggans at bay

On all devices the game performance degrades over time. Older devices like iPhone 4,4s iPad 2 etc see worse degradation but even iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6s+ show improvement if you periodically clear the cache.

I've just switched to the method where you don't reset your device by doing this:

1. Start by unlocking your iOS device. That means the display will be lit, and either the home screen or an app can be showing, but not the lock screen.

2. Hold down the power button until the “slide to power off” option appears on the device’s display.

3. Next, release the power button, and then hold down the home button for roughly five seconds.

You know it worked when you get bumped back to your home screen. Do this several times a day to kill off those code boggans that run amok after escaping the game files.

I'm curious to see if this helps other people and if anyone else sees improvement in fps, lag and crashing.
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Re: A reset a day keeps the boggans at bay

My 5th gen iPod and iPhone are a few years old so that might have something to do with the performance. Anyways, I tested it out and it worked for the most part, the lag wasn't as bad as it was before.
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Re: A reset a day keeps the boggans at bay

Resetting the device will help on any device.

Another thing is to do a factory reset every now and then as well. Backup your files, and make sure you have cloud save files on your games activated if there's no 'log in' option.

I have only the 16GB version iPad, and after a factory reset it releases quite a few GBs of storage.

But yeah, a reset a day keep the DC monster at bay

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