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"Auto Level System"

Hello everyone, i was just popping in on the forums to ask about the update. I saw on the AppStore notes and it said "Auto Level System"

What exactly is this? Is it a new way to level up without the grind or something?

Ps: the community seems to be a lot smaller than it was when i used to play.
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Re: "Auto Level System"

Its something that can be quite usefull for new players. Me for example used to put points in strength when i started playing a mage.. I had no idea.

Auto leveling put points in statts according to the class youre playing, so preventing new players to mess up their build.

Hope I made it more clear for you.
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Re: "Auto Level System"

Perky pretty much covered it :)

Auto Levelling Option -

Additional "Auto Level Up" button on the stat screen now automatically assigns your stat points gained on level up based on your class. Perfect for new players to the game who may not know what to spend their points on. Each auto level build is based on class.
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Re: "Auto Level System"

GhostlyBlaze15 wrote:I was super confused when I first heard about it in the beta and took me a while to figure out what it really did

Same here, when Muldar posted it on forums I though, wow, nah that can't be what it sounds like

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