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Re: Mount drop rate

Beast25 wrote:Just got my first mount!!!! I got the 100% 60 regen boar :D :D :D :D 500 chests into the event but i still think im lucky lol

Congrats Beast! The boar is one of the coolest mounts in my opinion :)

Plus3 wrote:
Muldar wrote:Over the last 3 events we have increased the drop rate of ride able mounts.

Any additional items have been put in the "no drop" rate on chests.

There is some anectdotal evidence the drop rate is not the same for any two players. I can't be sure of a problem because people are pretty bad at "remembering" what they actually opened and actually got. So I'm curious - while you say the team has increased the odds of winning mounts, which may be true, have you used game analytics to actually go back and verify the drop rates?

A statistical analysis of what actually has dropped would be extremely easy and yet provide reasonable evidence that the code was functional and no one was able to cheat - all in one.

Indeed we have, comparing the estimated, actual and balance per server.

There is no special way of opening the chests to better your chances I'm afraid.
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