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Re: Best class

Depends, what's your playstyle? Expect rogue to level fast, but be difficult to armour up, due to low armour drops. Druid will be the complete opposite, and you will have no problem finding a clan, as they would need a druid badly
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Re: Best class

They asked for the most useful, not what class is best. Druid is the most useful
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Re: Best class

This is true unless you are playing on Sulis. We have too many druids. Many people created druids as their second or third character due to shoratge, now not as much need. Clans will not always look for a druid. Some may look for dps to help lock or kill, some may look for tanks. All depends on the server your playing and the clan you are in.

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Re: Best class

Right now up till endgame, Mage hands down.

Needed for gele, prot, best dps on events, great on tower bosses.

You can never go wrong with too many mages, that's where Druids aren't needed. You won't need 3-4 of them for a raid boss, 1 is enough in most cases excluding the recent raids. You can't really make a case here for DPS Druids either since their skills don't stack.

Mage is the hottest class right now.
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Re: Best class

Probably warrior for me, good armour, & fairly decent DPS
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Re: Best class

Most useful classes are warrior tanks, lure mages, support druids, lock rogues, and rangers with bolas. In conclusion, every class is useful in its own way
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