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Loss of the Old. Gain of the New.

Figured we could discuss some old mechanics we remember/love/hated or just some people from the past of CH that no longer play.

I'll start by saying the first player I met on CH was Cloud10 on Morrigan back in 2011. I was a level 6 mage and had played a ranger to 7, but I had finally decided I liked the warrior near Christmas time. I'd just started the warrior and ran towards Highshore to grab the leystone when Cloud10, at the time level 10, appeared and chatted with me. We became best buds and we even leveled until 45 with each other. Then one day of early 2012, he just disappeared. Sad story, I kinda miss him, but eh.
Another person I'd met was a player named Lorient on the server Morrigan (again!), he seemed cool, he was in his mid 40's and was pretty nice. I played with him helping out until he got to my level when we began lixing together. Every now in then he would buy us a few chests (it was Beltane 2013.) One time I'd told him to start selling combos and keeping all the others, and eventually he was the powerhouse. It was close to the time when he went back to work that he had quit. I miss him to this day, he was my level buddy!
A player named Sushi! He took me in on his server after I got scammed back in Feb. 2012. He helped me get started and on the path to victory. Nice guy, where did he go?

There are actually two mechanics/whatever you call them that I miss truly.
The semi-realistic graphics, the new engine made this game feel less realistic and more cartoony.
Non-neon blue undergarments, remember when we had some nice white undies, slightly dirty?
A mechanic I HATED was the fact that I could literally not trade without caution, but that I do not miss. (I'm an idiot when it comes to scams.)

Well, what about you?
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Re: Loss of the Old. Gain of the New.

The first person I ever met was DawningDragon, one of gwydions most notorious scammers of old(2011).

He helped me out and gave me an ancient mallet and aided me about not purchasing a 5% sled before I get better armour.
He was awesome and I really liked him, few months later after tons of farming and levelling I made my first 150k and bought hero haste gloves from the shop only for him to scam them :(
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Re: Loss of the Old. Gain of the New.

First major one I remember is Llara from Rosmerta..At least I think it that was her..

She gave me a hero ammy when I was a level 15. Obviously having played the game for a couple hours I had no idea how much it was worth (this was 2013 still) and proceeded to dice it after being promised I would win back the ammy and a regen ring if I lost.

I lost, but the guy gave me the ring anyway. Llara hated me, I was distraught, she quit later on, I stopped caring.

Lesson of the day: Don't give something you care about losing to a level 15!
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Re: Loss of the Old. Gain of the New.

I have CHamnesia when it comes to players I used to know. Some are in my friends list and it makes a little sad to see them there.

Mechanics I liked
The 2011 snow Xmas. Huge scary snowmen bearing down on you from nowhere and they killed you. Lir was a dangerous place then. And the xmas fairy queen.

And the castle back then. Smaller with a ring of houses (shops?) inside and Lord Lir on a wooden platform.
And the Lux Trader on the first floorof a house, snooty b@stard.

And the old druid basin withe the whisps. Back when you needed a million diamonds for your meteoric bow and those FREAKING RARE spirit gems. And Felfire was so hard.
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Epona (The little server that could)

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Before the account scam: Mmm no one in particular, don't remember much. Only friend I remember from then is Ancient99.

Account scam: The only example of my stupidity when it comes to scams. Now I can blame it on being a kid :? A dude shouted that if you give him your account he'll give you 5 million plat and 10 million gold. I fell for it. Boom. Simple as that. Quit for a few months.

After the account scam (To be more exact, after I made LordyIsBack):
Ancient99 still didn't quit (he did, soon).

I met Yosai. He's my best friend in CH. I met him when I was level 17 and him 18, and we were going to kill Hagvar I believe. In Summer 2014, he was level 195, and made some alts: Dieu, level 100 Ranger, and Unique, level 180 Rogue. Think he made a Mage, too, don't remember. He's also the one who encouraged me to get a Golden Blade of Fire, and told me the easiest way to get that much gold was to call him to kill Brutus/Falg for DDs. I don't know why, but he quit soon after he told me that. I still keep him on my friends list, though, just for the heck of it.

Mmmm then I joined Nitro, made many friends. Got some Galar and Kron pieces then too.

Joined Yosai's clan, Federation, while he was still active. Then quit CH for a looooong time, maybe half a year or so.

I then returned. I believe it was Ostara 2015. I knew little about today's players, though. Dunno if I quit again, but if I did, it was until the Summer 2015 event was almost dead.

Mmm then recently I joined Phoenix, found that it was a great clan. Then left (just for a small while) only to find out that Phoenix and RedLight were to merge soon, and tried joining Phoenix again. No guardians. No generals. No chief. Then I joined RedLight, and stayed until the merge. Prophecy, as the new clan's name was, is my current clan.

And I'm 99% inactive right now. Yay..
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Re: Loss of the Old. Gain of the New.

Started in October 2011 on Arawn because it was at the top of the server list. I met a few people, but I never really connected with anyone at first. I used to afk farm in the flintblade camp and later catacombs to try and get some plate armour, and later ancient armour. I was so excited when someone sold me a connacht spear because it was a major upgrade for me! The first person I remember meeting was Bubbles who invited me to my first major clan. It really felt like a family, and was totally laid back. I later got to know a lot of other people in and out of clan. Ubs sold me my first lux item for very cheap: one of those silver chieftains helms with the eagle on top. It got me hooked on lux :D The three rival clans would battle for Falgren all the time in the months leading up to the Otherworld update. it was so hard to get a dragon disc back then.

What I miss:
- I don't like that CH takes itself too seriously now. While I like the realism and the developing storyline, I also miss the silly bosses like Pumpleroot, Snow Golems, cloud mounts, sleds, the Yulefather with his 8 tiny boars, pumpkin head mobs, candycane weapons, Egbert the Florist, etc..
- I miss that CH isn't as laid back as it once was. it was a simpler time, when you didn't have to feel guilty for not camping bosses 24x7, and there was actually time to do the things you want to do. no one multi-boxed, and using xp lix was rare. There were no messaging apps waking you up in the middle of the night for bosses, and there was no target lock. You could sell stuff out of clan and no one cared. people in rival clans actually helped each other; now they don't even talk to each other. It was a much simpler time than it is now.

What I like now:
- Fashion: back then everyone looked the same. I love that we can have variations and customize our looks now.
- So much to do: there is a lot to do between bounties, dailies, bosses, event quests, etc. Back then we had to make our own fun, but now there are many reasons to log in
- Storyline - The storyline back then was weak. I love that OTM is adding to it to shape the world. It immerses you in the world a lot more than it did in the past. I can't wait to see what else is coming up!

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Re: Loss of the Old. Gain of the New.

BlackMamba wrote:Was your sushi on belenus?

Yes! I couldn't think of the server name!
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Re: Loss of the Old. Gain of the New.

I have so many memories of my Belenus days. I remember back in 2011 I thought plate armor looked badass and it was the best in the game. I remember back in 2012 or 2013 my good friend Amelia124 got her account scammed by someone named OptimusPrime and I spent the next few days desperately trying to get her account back. After a very long discussion with him I finally got her account back and returned it to her. After that incident many questions arose after OptimusPrime disappeared. One theory was he was the original owner of the clan Prime which was a decent clan back in the day. Another one was he moved to Taranis. I still wonder what happened to that infamous scammer
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