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Boss Times

I would like to see the boss times have more randomness. There is a clan on the Donn server that built an actual app to keep track of the boss times. Its already hard enough to ensure you get a lock or kill the boss, but i have seen small clans struggle. 5 people waiting for snorri, then 10 lvl 200+ players show up and kill him.

Re: Boss Times

There are a lot of clans on most servers that use some sort of app to time bosses. This is the most efficient way to do it. 2 clans on fingal use a timer app. Balor has 3-4 clans that use a timer app. At least one clan on lirs uses a timer app. Before apps, players would set alarms.

If you do the math, you cohld spend up to 2 hours waiting on bosses (10 min before and 10 min after and if you kill the 150 boss) then add in all the edl and you now have up to 4 hours or more of waiting around. And you want to make it even more random?
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Re: Boss Times

It's easy enough to keep your own timer on Snorri. The problem isn't the fact that other clans are using a timer. That's not why you're not winning locks. You're just hoping no one else shows up so you can kill it without a lock battle. The problem isn't a timer, it's the fact that you have to be in one of the major clans to get geared up. It's really that simple. Snorri is a very easy boss compared to edl bosses but you still need certain classes there to ensure that you beat him. Druids are pretty critical and it doesn't hurt to have a level 200 plus tank present either. If you don't have the heals and the dps there's no point in even attempting him. As low level you will win the lock for sure but the high level players will simply stand there, wait for you to wipe, then come clean up the blood and guts afterward.

I never understood why people join clans like Hearts of Destiny. What's the point? Once you reach otherworld you are at the end of your game as a Hearts member. Even the easiest DL boss will be forever out of your reach unless it's a 4 star. The 4 stars rarely give drops. It could take years to even get geared in dl.

People think they can just start a clan up and start grabbing EDL gear and it's not that simple. The more clans we have on the server, the more fractured it is and the harder it becomes for everyone to get geared. You'll always have a few holdouts who thrive on drama and conflict. They would rather have the drama than the Gelebron drops. There's no logic to it at all and I've stopped asking myself why they can't see the obvious fact that a united server is much stronger. They do see it, they would simply rather cut their own nose off to spite their face. Anytime the server starts getting too peaceful and cooperative they will stir the pot. It's just in their nature to do so. It's also a fact that they will never get properly geared with that mindset. With every proteus and necro kill we get stronger and stronger while they sit still and stagnate. Maybe their strategy is to hope we all die of old age?

If you want Snorri drops, leave your small clan behind and join a large one. It's the only way you're going to get them. That may sound like a cold, harsh statement but it's the truth. Save yourself the hours of camping bosses only to have them stolen at the last minute. Someone will always show up at the last minute and steal them from you.
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Re: Boss Times

Bosses used to be more random, and what happened was people would camp for literally hours on end. Otm changed the windows to be smaller because the majority of players on the forum voiced frustration with the system
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Re: Boss Times

Actually piggy, that isn't exactly accurate. What happened is that noobs were complaining about higher levels clans (hint, hint) sweeping in and stealing low level bosses. So, the high level players on this board (hint, hint) told these low levels to STFU and camp, or .. my favorite, STFU and level. They were told by many high level players who belonged to dominant clans on their server (hint, hint) that is they didn't like camping, they were LAZY, UNDISCIPLINED, AND WANTED CRAP FOR FREE.

Then something amazing happened... utterly AMAZING. when these same high level players started having to CAMP for their end game bosses, which had longer spawn times, they suddenly had an epiphany. A VOICE SPOKE UNTO THEM AND said
...You are endgame elite players. You are too good to camp now. Camping is for lower level losers who we steal bosses from. .. they should have to camp. .. but for us, we have. .. EVOLVED.

And thus, this is the story of why things became so scheduled, because the end game players had a spiritual awakening, conveniently, about camping.


Nice revisionist history thoug

P.S. If you liked this story, check out my "How target lock REALLY came to be" ..... considered an instant classic.

Re: Boss Times

Zendroid wrote:Nice revisionist history thoug

P.S. If you liked this story, check out my "How target lock REALLY came to be" ..... considered an instant classic.

#NerfIdolsCutBossHP #DecreaseRaidWindows


Re: Boss Times

lol Zenderp, what you totally forgot is that falgren and other bosses already had fixed spawn times. You just got mad that we didn't give dragon discs away, and that was the start of your Ava-hating career.

OTM changed boss spawns to longer, more random spawn times and we have been protesting ever since. No epiphany here. You just have no idea how the end game played out because you were always too low to experience it, no friends to level with and always complains about high level dominant clans as the cause of all your misfortune.

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Re: Boss Times

Aileron ... your are throwing mud at the wall in an attempt to marginalize what i am saying. You have no clue who i was or was named when i was on the Morrigan server. None, whatsoever. Ive never expected anyone, at any time, to GIVE me dragon discs. Your literally ... just making that up.

Shame on you.

On the other hand, i witnessed your clans behavior firsthand for a long period of time. There is also repeated documented complaints about your clans behavior. . On this very board, which you and you're cronnies dismiss by... yet again. . Character Assination and claiming jealousy is the reason why so many people disliked your clan while maintaining, with a straight face, at the very same time, that your clan has never been disliked. Confused?

Ive always maintained, and said as much on these boards, that i have never accused you personally of any of the behaviors that have been brought up about the clan you are in. I've treated you with fairness on that account. .. yet you do not reciprocate that fairness. You instead, literally, make things up and spew them onto this board. I've also stated that i don't know how your clan behaves today, only how they behaved in the past. Again, fairness.

The truth is that people on this board, including you, basically told countless people to stop whining And camp and level. When they complained about Avalon lvl 130 ksing defectors, they were told to STFU and level.

This. . Is... fact.

Remember that guy who was a mage who was always complaining about mage issues? I forgot his name. What did you all trek him? You and many others told him to stop complaining and just quit the game if he was going to complain all the time.

You elitist entitled myopic high end players dished it out for a long time to people. And look what happens when you get it in return. You are hypocrites, and always have been.

I'm not disputing that changes to timers were administers here or there occasionally, or that there haven't ever been fixed timers. Seriously though, if your fallback is Stonevale, it reveals your lack of a legitimate rebuttal. The truth is this: it wasn't until the high end players , a lot who told others to STFU and camp, started taking about how stupid camping is... how the game should be called Camping Heroes, ... that is when broad sweeping changes were made. You know it. And i know it.

Aileron, don't throw accusations on this board when you have no clue who i am.

Re: Boss Times

Camping Heroes was a tongue-in-cheek jab at the game because it turned into an abysmal game of waiting and waiting when OTM decided to change spawns to be random. Noobs who hated clans like ours camping spawns loved the change, they thought at long last they dont have to compete because surely, no one would camp a 2 hour spawn right? Lol wrong. As far as I know, no one in our clan liked the change, why would we? But thats what OTM turned the game into and we had no choice but to camp, and noobs looking for handouts or buy quest items expecting cheap prices are surprised that we held onto our drops and banked them all instead? Of course we did, it's the cumulative effort of the clan and why would we sell drops that our members worked hard for?

Derp, you dont have to hide using another account, I know you moved to Android, but your song remains the same. Its still the same guy complaining that he never got any break and any help from Avalon and other high levels in Morrigan. Damn, you even continue to bash me and Avalon even after YEARS of being gone from the server. Just take a look at every post you have made recently and it is always after whenever I say something, and its the same drivel we have seen from you bashing and critiquing us. Like you said, you who post from anonymous accounts hiding your in-game identiy because yeah, thats what you are, a gutless person who cant stand behind his own statements.

At least I speak using my own account and my CH persona and reputation all out in the open, while you pretend to have something of substance to say besides 'woe is me' cries for attention. I have nothing to hide, you obviously do.

Get some balls and say who you really are (or were), otherwise your constant pandering to gain sympathizers doesnt really have any credibility, and never will.

There are two types of people in this world: Those who crave closure

A business is more profitable if they don't gouge and piss off customers.

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