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Has this ever happend to anyone?

I have seen many fake toons within 4-5 years playing..

But this is just a Dilsaster!

7 toons at the same time,
no clue who they were but i took it as joke ❤️
They even made a clan... Geeze.
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Re: Has this ever happend to anyone?

there used to be a group of noobs in castle called friddoslave, friddoslave1 etc and they would bend over next to me naked and blow kisses at me whenever i was in the castle :roll:

so annoying :) when i found out the perpetrators were in my clan trolling me there was punishment :D
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Re: Has this ever happend to anyone?

kingokkillers wrote:No but people are starting to make fake alts of SI on crom

Pretty sure that's the same person who about a year ago made fake alts of seed to scam people (Arm0, KiIIsword with i's etc.)
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Re: Has this ever happend to anyone?

In Herne, back 2012 I believe, there used to be a famous player called sagesomething801 or something like that. One person decided to make a clan called EveryoneHatesSage, something along those lines. I assume, whoever made that clan wanted to direct a clan, so they recruited lots and was a big clan in Herne at one point. May have some details off...

Never seen 7 toons tho dedicated to one person at once tho O.O
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