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Re: Epona's 2nd gelebron kill and ...... void dagger

MortalCreed wrote:So who got the wep?

The actual winner (xlittlejox) wanted to roll Druid beforehand and we had no objections, then after it died a Druid disagreed with it so she's was forced to keep rolling rogue therefor having to roll for the dagger, beating daggerman (dimee) by a couple in rolls and I've rarely seen the dagger used now :d

Dynamit3 - 223 Rogue
Dynamit5 - 217 Ranger
Dynamit4 - 220 Warrior
Dynasaur - 156 Mage
Dynamit1 - 158 Druid

Re: Epona's 2nd gelebron kill and ...... void dagger

^I wouldnt say so just yet, might need to do some math by the one wearing it. Although the divine dmg is high and unresistable (from proc), the extremely large dmg gap + attack difference + str bonus to skills + 8k magic dmg skill, not to mention that other than the 8k dmg skill all of the stats are constant, unlike the proc which is a chance of dmg, it might be better or even far better. For example, I dont use EDL sword because I find that for warrior the dmg gap is high, while unlike dagger, sword does not give me any special benefits, nor does it have a big attack speed difference.
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