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Re: Drop rate of bounty bag hats?

well i dont know how many my server has, but i think the hats are making fash less plat based? but im guessing a lot of ppl want it to be plat based, but when it is plat based everything is P2W to the same ppl, and they dont want to pay, then it goes to bounties and the same proccess happens again.

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Re: Drop rate of bounty bag hats?

It's such a shame that the drop rate of these are equivalent to Godly boss drops, you'll likely never see one.
Even worse, they have different tiers. For a fashion-only item, the ultra-rarity makes no sense.

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Re: Drop rate of bounty bag hats?

Exe-belenus wrote:On belenus they sell for like 10k..... I happen to be one of the luckiest bag openers on belenus :D, got teal frost breathe eagle crest, priceless coin, and a 50% mount all within a week

I feel like I should be getting you to open my Bounty Bags for your luck skill :lol:

Seen a few hats on my server hopping travels (Really wanting a green ram one myself) The drop rate is not super rare but I'll feedback to the team and see if anything can be done about maybe boosting it a little? :)
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