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Re: New skills???

Regarding new skills - I want to say there was a one off post about this; however, I was unable to find it and post the link. If memory serves me correctly, I want to say the official statement was something to the effect of “Skill will have NEW particle animation, and there will be NEW quest skills (i.e. Signal Fire/Beacon Fire/Guiding Fire)”.

While that is not a direct quote from OTM, I believe that captures the gist of it. Unfortunately, while this did address new skills (initially mentioned ~3 updates ago), they don’t appear to “useful” skills. I hope this addresses the OP’s question, and would like to see if others have further clarification.

Re: New skills???

There was suppose to be new skills released alongside the 6th floor but it was scrapped/put on hold. Imo this was good id rather they take their time with this and get it right rather than initiate carrow 2.0
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Re: New skills???

Perhaps, and this is just a guess, Gele's weapons give the new equipable skills. Just a shot in the dark though
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