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Re: How do people migrate to new worlds?

OTM should make a thing in game to transfer from server. People want to move to other servers or transfer things everyday. Maybe OTM should make like an option in game (maybe accessible with some plat) to make server transfers safer of whatever. Like the mail system but than with some play you can mail them to an other server. Idk if this is a good idea, just thought it when I read these posts
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Re: How do people migrate to new worlds?

Have a middleman that couldn't afford to scam. :3 Basically that person that would loose too much if he were to scam you. A chief of a top clan (not the enemy one though lmao), respected player that has been there for years, or Muldar. o.0

Like go to muldar right now and ask him to make an appearance right now since he plays the game anyways, borrow one of his co-worker's Ipad idk 0.0, and be the middleman. 0% chance of scam.
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Re: How do people migrate to new worlds?

The way to reduce scamming to a tiny amount for an arbitrarily large transfer is to use microtransactions.

You can't actually transfer items so sell them all off for gold. Preferably on two devices, trade the transfer person very small amounts, like 1-5k, dozens, hundreds, or thousands of times until the transfer is complete. Don't do a giant transfer in one step that is the equivelat of hundreds of hours or dollars, that is almost guarenteed to get you scammed. Instead make it take a hour or two and it becomes almost risk free.
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