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Re: 1000 FREE CHESTS (what would you do)

I opened 3000 chests when I transferred from belenus to rhiannon. I think the best use of 1000 chests would be to move them to a new server that you've been thinking about trying, and then opening them all. Selling is pointless...even worse would be waiting for 3 years and selling lol. In 3 years the mounts will be so much better that the chests from now would go down in value, not up to 75k as someone stated
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Re: 1000 FREE CHESTS (what would you do)

E3D wrote:Hello all,

Hope your having a good day so far. I was wondering if you were given 1000 free chests, what would you do with them? (e.g open/sell) BUT you can choose to obtain these 1000 chests in any future even you would like though you have to wait until it is active.

Any feedback is appreciated (if possible try and keep responses short and to the point :lol: )


I would sell them 20k each and get 20,000,000 gold :twisted:
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