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Since When?

Since when have you guys been playing?

This account, Aerial, I have been playing for just over a year now, started October 2014. I think 148 is not bad, but I could do better, how bout you guys?
224+ Rogue --- 215+ Ranger --- 200+ Warrior of Gwydion!


Re: Since When?

Since catacomb days. Must be couple of months after this game started, highest lvl at that time was lvl 56-60 after grinding for xp from skeles :) best item at that time was golden chieftain helm:)

Atm; I have the Highest toons on my server. Druid/Mage/ranger. All 227

naruto2 ranger 231
heal Druid 231
fireball mage 231
R0uge - rogue lvl 217

Re: Since When?

rysnthedestroyer wrote:Started Yule 2011. Lmao I'm only lvl 143 but I've been a merch since then. I also have a yellow chat a green char and a purple char (pretty sure these are old)

same but they are split between different servers ... stupid me. How long have I been playing? Forgot. L0ok at when my forum account was made and then go back a few months. :lol:
:lol: :lol: :lol:

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