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Boggans and energy issue

Do Boggans draw down energy?

I only seem to have issues with energy when fighting boggans. I can handle several Dragoncultists in a row in OW without energy issues, but two 3* or one 4* boggans, which is far less time and skill casting than the Dragoncultists, and I've got almost no energy left. I blaze through 6k of energy in 40 seconds against boggans.

Re: Boggans and energy issue

Hey :D I am right in the middle of training through boggans.(144 rogue) I level at the thornstaffs and like, and honestly, spend 1k, get yourself a hero energy lix, and you should be fine. Hope this helps, and good luck :D
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Re: Boggans and energy issue

Boggans were made with higher resists and health while dealing decent damage to encourage group leveling. The best thing for casters is to group a rogue or warrior, and grab some sigil crates or energy lixs. The energy problem only gets worse, i use 11k energy in 3mins in a boss fight. On both my support druid and fire dps mage, its something that should be fixed by the current skills in game, but no energy boost or sacrefice skill will counteract the sheer number of players in the energy deficit.
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Re: Boggans and energy issue

DaWeeZel wrote:Yeah as I moved to boggans I felt as if they took a bit longer to kill, but yeah if the problem grows too severe just buy an en lix, by know I just know my cast patterns so my regen has time to refill while skills recharge mid combat

the exp is well worth, I have a 140 warrior i train with, we make an amzaing duo

(basikas if your seeing this) :D :D :D
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Re: Boggans and energy issue

I use energy lixes, among others, while lixing against boggans.
I've got over 1k energy sigils, but it's a huge waste of lixes if you have to wait between every mob for energy regen. I also only have one piece of lux with regen as I have other stuff I prefer to have equipped.
I discovered I get about 30-50% more xp against 150 firbogs than 150 boggans (1.3-1.5 bars per lix instead of less than one), but there really doesn't seem like there is an efficient place to solo level in the 146-150+ range).
Also, grouping with a 153 Rogue (5 levels above me at the time) the kills were faster but with the reduced xp, he saw about the same, or a litle bit less, xp per lix. I was seeing 3.5 times more over solo, but it was a slight loss to a wash for him. The only benifits he saw was moving through mobs quicker, so it wasn't as boring, and not having to pop restos.

When completing bounties, it seems that Dragoncultists require more time and therefore more skill casting than boggans, but I don't seem to have the energy issues there. Certain skills seem to have a more noticable decrease in energy against boggans than elsewhere. I suppose I should actually break out the stopwatch and time it as well as document the skill casting and evasions. It could just be that there is a higher evasion rate with boggans, which requires more frequent casting, leading to the perception that more energy is used against boggans.

Grouping is preferred as I get 2.5-3.5 times the xp I get when solo, but my schedule currently doesn't have the flexibility to allow me to schedule things with people, or even allow me to play at a consistent time. People I know are not regularly on when I am able to play, so grouping is kind of random (which has worked out well as I've met some pretty decent people by randomly grouping to level). But not having good options to solo level efficiently is really difficult for me now.
Scheduling life around an app based game, or any game really, just to be able to level at a reasonable rate seems kind of crazy to me.

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