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The android community

What is the deal with the android community. I used to play on ios, and when I switched my device to an android I quit. I missed it so badly that I decided to come back, I noticed that people just don't seem to want to do awesome stuff like before. I stood in the castle and had troubles even getting people to socialize with me.
Is it just me? Do people just not like me? What are your thoughts on the android community?
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Re: The android community

Personally I hate socializing in the castle. If I'm not lixing or in a boss raid, I'd rather go and interact face to face with others or take care of real life stuff.

There could be a variety of reasons you didn't get a lot of interactions. Players could be afk, they might be glitch logged, maybe you made a statement in the castle comparing android to ios. Earlier when I was in the castle there was an ex-ios player that started comparing ios to android...android players hate that.

The more people see you log, the more willing they will be to talk to you
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Re: The android community

It probably depends on what time or server you are on, Fingal in early morning is dead.
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I quit, again, no one enjoys the game anymore bc yall complain too much, the whole thing is revolving around bosses and selfish dom clans.
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