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Re: Which clan will down Gelebron first?

I have high hopes for our clan, "Alliance" on Lugh. Just a matter of time before the rest of our druids get to 216 and we start attempting.

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123456 wrote:a druid can out dps a ranger fairly easily in a dps build. Adrith

1234567 wrote: Hrung ring+mordy spear > necro ring+edl dagger. Furyion


Re: Which clan will down Gelebron first?

BlackMamba wrote:
Seipper wrote:Maybe taranis will win. :cry:

I think it'll come down to the dps of the pro auto mage on taranis ensuring the kill

dude, whether or not you like a partially melee build is irrelevant to this topic. You are welcome to disagree with me, but do it on an actual corresponding topic.
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