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Beltane drops analysis (Morrigan, Avalon)

We didn't get all the tree spawns but we got a high majority of the 5* & 6* spawns making the sample size valid.
Unlike Gwydion, we didn't get many BT necks, so the necklace percentage may be slightly off. Still, it's quite obvious the drop rate for BT necks was very low, based on feedback from other servers.
How low? Here's how it was in Morrigan:


I think it's safe to say that Necklaces had about 10% drop rate, Charms had 30% and Rings 60%. I think it wouldn't have been so bad if the ratios were 20-30-50. It was extremely frustrating killing over 400 trees and get ring after ring, charm after charm.... if you don't believe me, just look at these recent posts: here and here. I wasn't the only one.

Out of all the necklaces we got, here's our drop rate:


Yep, 3% Bloodthorn. So to get a Bloodthorn Neck, we need to hit the jackpot and hit that 0.33% drop rate. That's a third of a 1%. Lousy odds ain't it?
If Gwydion got about 8 BT necks, and Necks typically drop 10% of the time, I'm guessing they had around 50-60 necks total, giving them about 1.3-1.6% drop rate. That's over 5 times drop rate that we got. Lucky server.

Here are the stats for rings/charms (probably uninteresting since all servers got flooded with them)



To those saying drops are skewed towards casters, here are the drops by type:


It seems to me that Stonebark, Spiritseed, Shrivewood and Ironroot have similar drop rates - about 15%.
So that's about 45% caster drops, 15% tank, and 40% DPS.

As for the DPS, they are either weighted as 10% each for Bloodthorn, Bladeleaf, Frostroot or Stormleaf, but it feels that Bloodthorn has always been rarer, so perhaps it's a 7-11-11-11 split.

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Re: Beltane drops analysis (Morrigan, Avalon)

I think for us it had gotten to the point where We were willing to trade two iron sets for one melee dps set. Easily 10-15 iron necks from this event. We got (as a server) 2 blade ammys, 6 frost, 1 blood and 6-7 storm ammies. So basically if your a ranger like me that wants a dex/strength set good luck getting 1 of the 7 that dropped.

Re: Beltane drops analysis (Morrigan, Avalon)

Only two bloodthorn necks dropped on danu, one to our clan and one lucky 5* drop to the other. We had a ton of caster sets, maybe even more completed shrive sets than any other. Off the top of my head I'm guessing about 10-12 shrive sets, 10-12 stonebark sets, and maybe slightly less spiritseed. I'd say that caster sets made up about 50% of our total, and the other half being tank/dmg. All estimates but close enough.

Re: Beltane drops analysis (Morrigan, Avalon)

Fantastic work on drop analysis, as always.

We just have 1 blood neck, 1 blade neck, 1 shrive neck, 2 storm necks. 0 frost neck. Quite a few of others but who gives a **** about those.

Completely malformed drop rates if you ask me. They tried to help with two skain mini events but I doubt it helped. Oh well.
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Re: Beltane drops analysis (Morrigan, Avalon)

nice graph dude, its a shame that really the only skain sets that get use on sulis anyway are the dps sets... other than maybe a mage our druids and warriors use alternative gear despite the huge overload in shrive seed and ironroot
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