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Re: Post Your Gear!!!!!!!

Dem0n wrote:
Criminal wrote:If not outdated on Dem0n then I passed him by 6 dmg :lol:

Nice crim! That's epic damage as a warrior :o just updated ;)

Hehe I see ur now passing me, but I just lvled to 221 and melee is 4133 so ur passing me with 2 dmg. Maybe if I were 222?:p No necro ring tho.

Introvert wrote:I do not know the reasons why you want to see our equip, but hey ido not dislike that idea.

Valar Morghulis my friend

Someone is excited about his void dex spear.
DPS Warrior

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MrScar wrote:Imperial gele sneaky ring is better than imperial divine ring :D

Re: Post Your Gear!!!!!!!

Gabee wrote:Another rogue, great but not OP... 6 of my gears are alrdy outdated, 47+ levels below me.

Those damage rings were outdated the day that hrung started dropping them. Maybe same with your braces which I assume aren't both dmg with hp/attack

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  • Venus - Level 195 Druid

123456 wrote:a druid can out dps a ranger fairly easily in a dps build. Adrith

1234567 wrote: Hrung ring+mordy spear > necro ring+edl dagger. Furyion


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