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Re: Post Your Gear!!!!!!!

Dem0n wrote:
Criminal wrote:If not outdated on Dem0n then I passed him by 6 dmg :lol:

Nice crim! That's epic damage as a warrior :o just updated ;)

Hehe I see ur now passing me, but I just lvled to 221 and melee is 4133 so ur passing me with 2 dmg. Maybe if I were 222?:p No necro ring tho.

Introvert wrote:I do not know the reasons why you want to see our equip, but hey ido not dislike that idea.

Valar Morghulis my friend

Someone is excited about his void dex spear.
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OP dps warrior on Belenus, hot af melee druid on Nuada. #Elementals #Apex

Re: Post Your Gear!!!!!!!

Gabee wrote:Another rogue, great but not OP... 6 of my gears are alrdy outdated, 47+ levels below me.

Those damage rings were outdated the day that hrung started dropping them. Maybe same with your braces which I assume aren't both dmg with hp/attack

  • Vulture - Level 220 Rogue
  • Venus - Level 195 Druid

123456 wrote:a druid can out dps a ranger fairly easily in a dps build. Adrith

1234567 wrote: Hrung ring+mordy spear > necro ring+edl dagger. Furyion


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