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Re: What beast sits upon this throne?!

Seems like they wanted to make a nooby test version of better boss battles.

It would be cool if he rode the hog and we first kill the hog, then he jumps off and we kill him.

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123456 wrote:a druid can out dps a ranger fairly easily in a dps build. Adrith

1234567 wrote: Hrung ring+mordy spear > necro ring+edl dagger. Furyion


Re: What beast sits upon this throne?!

Bitey wrote:
Casting wrote:
Vulture wrote:I hope the noobs get their own version of a raid boss like aggy, hrung etc. Th gear options for noobs is super limited and not very good. Like regen braces, crummy otherworld skill rings, no charms, heroic rejuv? Getting 1-100 should be fairly quick and the player should experience many upgrades etc. Nobody wants to come into a game and see that their only options are buying plat or farming and merching for hours upon hours for weeks to get basic gear. That's how you'll keep new players playing.

A higher lvl would just come by and snatch the boss, like lvl 60 event bosses.

Boss Skill: End Game Eater - 20k AoE damage to anyone over level 100 :D

U are smart :0

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