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Re: Beta Question

No boost this beta I'm afraid, most of the Samhain testing can be done at any level and we have a good mix of levelled heroes for this event.

Hope you are enjoying testing, seya in-game :)
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Re: Beta Question

You guys need to have test flight downloaded and also have it linked to your email that way when you do get the email test flight will practically do it all for you...
As for not getting chosen only a few select people get chosen to test other wise you will have 500 people running around in the one spot and will make it virtually impossible to play.. but keep your hopes up hopefully one day you will get chosen
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Re: Beta Question

I'm in the same boat as all of you. My TestFlight says no link available and the all using the same email address. I've sent pm to mulder and still waiting. Losing interest with all the other releases this week. Not a good way to keep us motivated

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