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Re: A game of frustrations

Imma be honest with ya Mulder, when I saw ya making a real convo as a red name unlike the others that make a short cute anwser and leave but you kept going. O.o

As for crappy skills, I would say the real problem is the rings sometimes. Like one might add +7 firestorm and +7 ice blast and im just kinda like...uhhh....

Anyways, I guess if you looked at it into a perspective of lets have fun and goof around and try to get the higher healing for a rogue record you might actually like it.
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Re: A game of frustrations

Okay I've locked this thread, sorry Aileron.

It seems like some heroes have read what I've posted and some have glanced and so I've locked this due to that. There's no point continuing this if I just have to repeat my points to everyone.

Many players are coming into this from a dominant end game level clan and while when in one it is easy to see the game in one way, others don't.

We have checked the data value of players using items, items dropped etc and it shows exactly what I thought it would Skain is dropping rings and players are using his items, even the ones you deem "Bankable" and skills you deem not worthy. Lots of drops from many bosses you may deem bankable are.

The problem with coming from a high level clan is you get focussed in a certain way, the clan way. Not every player plays in the same way as you, we have many servers with many players from all different countries and yes you don't see these players. They play at different times to you on different servers and some only talk to their clan. I know it's hard to believe but it is an mmo (Massively Multiplayer)

Just remember there are many players who all play in different ways using different skills it is a game.

Vulture you brought up the point "You think low tier clans will diminish if high end drops become less scarce? How? Low tier clans aren't killing end game bosses." Yes from my experience it does happen and part of the answer lies in what you said "Low tier clans aren't killing end game bosses" They aren't, either due to large clans dominating, no lower level drops or being forced to merge with other clans.

So say we make further higher tier drops for end game level clans, they get more drops do you seriously see other clans trying to rise up to end game levels? Why should there not be more than one high level clan? Would they even get the chance to get higher with larger clans dominating? This is why loot is structured and rare.

It seems one of the main issues is class rebalancing, this is something we are looking into. Jazmin you bring up a good point we need to further look at what the rings do, how they work with classes etc

Again guys I'm just talking as a mmo player here. I've seen clans get killed off. Large clans dominate and only get focused on their viewpoint.

We are reviewing the drops but it's a larger case than just change it nothing can go wrong because it can go wrong.

We want everyone to be able to play.
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