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How do you feel about the ensorcelled item change?

Hey to everybody with items that have ensorcelled on them. Samhain spider fashion, 90%+ fellspines ect.
How do you feel about the change of the glow when the graphics was changed?

Some of you won't care but it bothers me alittle that the epic bright purple trail was changed to a dull purple haze with a small increase in the size of the bats. I mean did we ask for it to be changed? Why would OTM decide to change an item that no one seemed to have a problem with :roll:
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Re: How do you feel about the ensorcelled item change?

I found the bright purple trail kind of annoying at times (other times I thought it was pretty cool), and I only wear an ensorcelled wayfarer's headdress. I couldn't imagine it wearing a full silk set. I do wish the new one was a little brighter, though. It's almost hard to tell it's different than normal.
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Re: How do you feel about the ensorcelled item change?

Sorry for resurrecting the dead on this post, but we were discussing this today in clan chat and would really like that original lightning effect back, especially on the Ensorcelled skull masks, it really was a pretty damn cool looking effect.

*cough-cough* Patch it please and I promise not to necropost anymore.

(In before this gets moved to another section and lost forever.)
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