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Re: Views on 1 Clan Servers [DEBATE]

I want squad up to come back :(

I saw some of you mention small competition on lower end bosses and you were content with that.
on Gwydion, The 2 endgame clans from recent (Solitaire, SquadUp) lock battled everything. from Priest 6* to Unox 6* and Aggy to Mordris. Mordris lock battles were super intense and so epic! Sometimes the boss would reset 3 times and we'd lock battle over and over because we would try underpowered since we didn't want the other clan to get it! We had to form the best lock group possible and build our characters up to output the most DPS we could to ensure we would win

Squad was the smaller clan of course and had to multibox a lot of bosses they did an amazing job.
for me. I didn't mind losing sometimes because that made me want to come back for the next one so much more, I would say good job and move on to the next boss

I would hope they 'Squad Up' again to compete with us soon because for now I've lost a large amount of interest in the game

(I started out as part of the non dominant clan and even then this was my view, that same clan that used to lose every boss is now the dominant clan. Mostly because of a merger but we would of come out on top either way ;) )
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Re: Views on 1 Clan Servers [DEBATE]

Maxpedition wrote:There should be limits to clan sizes. No server should ever be dominated by a single clan.

The game should not dictate whether you can be in a clan or not based on size. Could you imagine having really good friends in game but you can't join them because they have too many people? That would take away the enjoyment of the game.
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Re: Views on 1 Clan Servers [DEBATE]

On the server I play on, my clan used to be the dominant clan and there was no competition and I loved it. Killing the bosses were competition enough.

Then other clans got stronger and we had competition and I didn't care for it.

Now we've created a situation in which all the clans work together and group together. I love it...no drama and everyone is getting geared equally.
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